In the display industry, nothing is more important than permanent display.

This type of display uses acrylic, metal, wood and other mixed materials to maintain a long lasting, and a continuing influence. Such displays usually come with high quality and relatively higher cost due to the choice of materials and production process requirements, Therefore, we spend more time and effort on how to guarantee the stability of the structure and cost control.

At the same time, because of less constraints on the size and available space, such displays are often designed to have different functions, in different styles with visual, light or sound effect. As a result, a series of requirements for other materials and technologies are developed. We have more than 10 years of rich experience in this area, can quickly find the corresponding resources, and to achieve the design effect.


Many shopping malls are offering demo areas to potential customers to test and experience before purchasing.

We have quite many technologies and products to offer in these displays. MP3, MP4/5, touch switches, are often put into a display stand to control the speaker box. Consumers can operate the button and experience the sound quality.

In order to save power and reduce energy consumption on display products with light effect, special detection devices are developed which are able to sense human traffic flow, set timer to turn on or off the power supplies. We can also implement features to add sound or other lighting effects when needed.

All those innovative ideas and fascinating designs come from our clear understanding of the industry trend, mastering of new technologies as well as our vision to customer needs. We are also paying close attention to the technology development on virtual experience following the launch of such stores from Intel and Adidas and will strive to offer the best performance display products to different clients with different requirements.