Cosmetics is the first business sector we first engaged with in display industry, we have provided high quality display stands to many well-known companies such as OLAY, Dior, Estee Lauder, Lancome, etc.. Acrylic is the most widely used material in this industry for its salient features like scratch free, no bubbling and high transparency. We guarantee every detail you wish for will be covered: light effect, color, description… We consider it successful only when the exceptional value of your products can be elegantly revealed.


With the gradual acceptance of Apple store style , design of display stands for electronic products tends to adopt simple styles but pays more attention to the quality and functionality on the stands. In such applications, acrylic materials usually dominate in tabletop display stand while wood or other single color materials are more popular in display cabinets, showcases, wall mounted display cabinets and accessory cabinets.

We have developed a lot of know-how and experience to such natural but functional design through our extensive cooperation with Apple, Vivo, Oppo and many other brand name companies.


One can always find many interesting and incredible designs when it comes to display racks and stands for wine or alcohol products. Such displays are primarily built with metal to meet functional requirement. Some special process, surface treatment and pictures can be added to the product to reveal particular wine culture if any.

One of the major challenges in transforming ideas into real display products is a solid understanding of different material characteristics and mastering of process effects. Throughout the years JML has developed unique design and manufacturing technologies of its own and has become a leading provider in the display industry with exceptional service record. Make JML your one-stop shop. We are confident we can meet all different product requirements you may have.