How many suppliers do you need to manage at the same time? Upon receipt of a complex project, one vendor can only make acrylic, the other only for metal, how long you need to do drawing segmentation? What should be done if there is a change in the drawings? How do you transfer the metal parts to acrylic factory? And how to solve the logistics and installation? Every day you busy, but also frequent problems. Do you want to find a supplier that can provide a complete solution? JML Display is your best choice! We are your one-stop retail merchandising display products partners.We can participate in your research and development process, from the initial concept to the final implementation of the production, transport and installation, we can meet your unique needs. 16 years of international customer service experience, let us know how to provide the most suitable solution for different customers, to help customers to win the market.


100% of the commercial/retail merchandising display products are customized, in order to adapt to the value of different brands and styles. When we receive an inquiry, the most important job is not to give a price, but talk with you for all detailed requirements. Drawings can’t explain all, the surface treatment demand, the environment of product application, the way of transport and distribution, etc, all of these will have an impact on the quality and finally on the price. We will use the fastest speed to understand all the details with you, and ultimately give you a suitable solution, not just the price.


When we received your inquiry, our project team was set up. Work with you is not only our sales,and our entire team. Our designers/engineers, procurement,technology, production,quality andother departments will participate in.Our sales also served as the responsibility of the projectmanager, natural to control the whole process,from the inquiry, prototype, production, quality,packaging and to delivery, we will carry out comprehensive monitoring,provide a reliable,completed,and high quality service for you.

  • DESIGN Understanding & Thinking
  • DEVELOPING To become a reality
  • PRODUCTION Keep the balance of quality,
    timeline and budget
  • LOGISTICS Offer door to door delivery
  • FITTING & INSTALLING Offer door to door delivery


Every season, each brand has its own product style and positioning, then the demand for display products have changed. Our team has a very rich experience in customized display products, and is keening to find more ways to reflect the different values of the brand. We not only consider the original requirements, but also combine some of the current industry trends and new materials technology resources, create or provide advice to you, to maximize your brand image, make it more suitable for the current market environment.Then our engineers also need to make these idea and drawings become true. For the purpose of mass production, they focus on the functionality and realizability, make the product prototype, finally, provide complete information for production.


JML Display has two own factories, the highest mechanization degree factory in display industrial. More than 300,000 square feet workshop, 500 skilled workers provide a very strong production capacity. Standardized management helps us ensure efficient communication and workflow, then we can control all key manufacturing processes and maximum control over project deadlines and product quality.


We have professional logistics channels & partners, can provide door-to-door service for throughout North America and the most areas of Europe . Customers can freely choose transport mode , express, air or sea plus home delivery. Products can be delivered from our factory directly to the customer designated warehouse. After placing the orders, the customers basically do not anything, just waiting for the goods at office.