Among all the desktop & countertop display products, acrylic is the material most widely used. Acrylic (PMMA), also known as plexiglass, is inherently formable and rich in color. It can be made into different shapes and structures by cutting, carving, hot bending and vacuum forming. Acrylic display products are more like artworks , their crystal clear nature is always striking, especially with LED lighting effects.

Acrylic is therefore not only used in logos, billboards and signage, it is used even more popularly in occasions when important or flagship products are introduced to market. With acrylic stand, they ability to easily ‘stand out or pop up’, and quickly catch customers’ eyes.


The need for display products generally differs from one market segment to another. One single acrylic material usually does not meet all the requirements.

In many cases some new materials are added (to acrylic) to meet different product requirements such as size, weight, shape, structure strength, functionality, safety, graceful appearance, etc. Afterwards, the acrylic is combined with wood and metal modules before the final products are completed.

In addition, different style of product and brand, such as modern, ancient, soft, wild, tech, original ecology, ask for different materials and surface treatment. This is also the development trend in the display products industry. The combination of acrylic, metal and wood products brings about more variety of effect and enriches the experience of the business environment.

During the whole process of cooperation, we will provide you with reasonable suggestions. In the process of inquiry and prototyping, we will keep close communication with you, as of what effects are achieved, how to achieve, and how to meet your delivery schedule as well as budget control target. We will also work with you to make sure all the details are accurate before mass production in order to ensure stable product quality. In case special change or fine-tuning of your requirement is need, our dedicated friendly staff is always ready to help.